DCMM Summer Cabana Party

Don’t Call Me Mommy partnered with Good Carma to bring incredible brands including Hello Bello, Hasbro and Wine by Your Side and many more to create a curated gifting event for celebrities and influencers. Check out the pics to see Manservents and Manly Hands in action, and relive the fun!


Postpartum on the Real with Savoir Collab

Don’t Call Me Mommy partnered with Savoir Collab to bring their first IRL event in inspired by their new hit digital show on, “Sh*t No One Told You.” "Sh*t No One Told You: Postpartum on the Real" will be held at the newly opened, La Peer Hotel on August 20th from 10am-12pm.

They delve into real advice from experts on how to navigate postpartum by women like Sophie Jaffe (Health & Wellness Expert & Founder of Philosophie), Dr. Deepika Chopra (Optimism Doctor & Professional Psychologist), and Elizabeth Bachner (Expert Doula, Founder of Big Birth Junkie & Gracefull Birthing).


Makers + Goods

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